Super Luxury Sofa Designs 2017

Style and furniture meet up in our determination of extravagance Italian architect couches and couch seats. We offer current, transitional and customary styles, all planned and fabricated by Italian specialists and expert skilled workers. All our extravagance couches convey a one of a kind complex excitement to any living space luxury sofa designs.

Our current and contemporary originator Italian couches are outlined by prestigious Italian tastemakers. They are immediately nervy show-stoppers in creative plans which are profoundly agreeable pieces with the most elevated quality internal materials conveying both solace and frame.


Notwithstanding a variety of lavish European and Italian fabrics and calfskins, our present day and contemporary cowhide couches and couch seats highlight exceptional accents including inclined glass, lacquered wood, and stainless steel to give some examples. For a praiseworthy piece in this high style, see our Diamante couch; the catches in its immaculate white calfskin frame the wide jewel design for which it is named.


Amongst convention and this cutting edge we offer a transitional style of extravagance and top of the line couches and couch seats, which consolidates exemplary and present day components. Couches in the transitional style channel recorded themes, for case of the Baroque or Nouveau periods, through a present day sensibility. These extravagance couches are recognized by legs and accents in Oak, Ebony, Walnut, American Walnut and Cherrywood.

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