Popular Vinyl Wallpaper for Home

It is the type of imported wallpaper which has the largest usage area in the world. Vinly wallpaper designs imported wallpaper is a special compact paper with PVC lamination on paper liner. After the color and pattern printing on the PVC coated surface is applied, hot emboss technique and special cylinders are applied on the special machine and the imported wallpaper and pattern effects and relief texture are given.

Vinyl imported wallpaper is more resistant to sunlight and less fading. Vinyl imported wallpaper, which can be used in wet volumes, does not stain and dirt with its PVC based structure, can be wetly wiped and even can be cleaned with a brush. Once the vinyl wallpaper has been applied, it will never be visible and can be easily removed. If you want the best for imported wallpaper too; Enka Interior Design is the right address …

If you are thinking that the canyon is visually faded and you want a style of decoration that you can now comfortably reflect your style away from the ordinary in the bathroom, then 15 wonderful wall paper samples will inspire you for the bathroom we have in our writing. In the case of bathroom decoration, the first thing that comes to mind for walls is bathroom wall ceramics, which is an indisputable subject for living spaces that are constantly in contact with water since they are a long-time use material unaffected by durable water.

However, there is a different solution for ceramic walls for bathroom walls, a solution that can also create spectacular wonders, decorative bathroom wallpapers.




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