Modern Kitchen Cabinets for 2017

Really great outline and great taste are constantly present, constantly applicable. Tranquil, quieted hues decide the picture of the cutting edge modern kitchen cabinet designs. The setup picks up expression and life through a cunning blend of hues, materials and a complex surface feel. Validness and a feeling of the normal are imperative parts of present day kitchen design, as brought about by the House of LEICHT.

With their moderate cabinetry, unbiased shading palettes, and metallic accents, these present day kitchens have an inconspicuous class that will never leave style. A pop of shading whether it’s on the furniture, in a dish of crisp organic product, or in a vase of blooms guarantees that these contemporary kitchen outlines still feel warm and inviting, as do huge windows that let in the sun, a structural light apparatus, or a bit of intense work of art or stylistic layout.


Each of these 30 kitchens from the files of Architectural Digest is a lesson in restriction, from a strong Manhattan space by Jamie Drake to a fresh white outline in Madrid by Isabel López-Quesada. Only a couple of improving adornments (and zero disorder) on racks and ledges let the brilliant blend of materials and this evening’s supper sparkle.


Navigate to see case of advanced contemporary kitchen outline that mix style and capacity for a space that is bleeding edge yet welcoming.




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