Modern Bathroom Wallpaper Designs Ideas 2017

Bathroom wallpapers

Coating the walls of the Bathroom wallpapers can give wonderful results in terms of appearance, but the matter of whether it is useful or not, many of you are deprived of this beauty. But even in the time of the Viktoriya period, when wallpaper was used in the bathrooms, why do we limit our imagination while there are so many special products now that are waterproof, non-humid?

When choosing a wallpaper for the bathroom, it is an important criterion for not holding water, not passing water, not being affected by humidity, easy cleaning and bacteria. Wallpapers made for the bathroom will have all these features. This type of wall paper comes with vinyl wall papers.

Vinyl wallpapers are generally recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. These wallpapers do not contain bacteria due to the polymer (plastic) material applied on the paper, they are wetting and wiping, moisture and water resistant.

However, vinyl wallpapers are not recommended for children’s rooms as it is not a breathing material.

Vinyl wallpapers have a wide range of roll prices and you can find vinyl wallpapers for 70 USD and 700 USD. As the measurement of rolls varies, how many square meters of roll you choose will also affect the price.


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