Living Room Wall Color Trends 2017-2018

Living room Wall Color Trends

It is necessary to consider how much light the room receives and the size of the hall when deciding on living room wall color trends Light colors are wider than the hall, but sometimes we want to include dark colors in the saloon as it adds warmth to the room. Beige, cream and pastel green, especially pastel shades, are often preferred in saloons, because at the same time salons can be both spacious and intimate. However, we can not say that absolutely simple colors should be used at the end of the flight because your personality may not be suitable for these colors and you can get bored soon.

When we answer the question of what color should be the hall, we say that the first tips will be the size and the size of the hall. So look at your salon right now, do you get enough light? For a dark or small saloon, you may want to use light colors that reflect light throughout the room.

You can add dark and bright colors in less quantity through accessories. In the spacious rooms, warm and dark tones can be used on the walls. So the house looks denser.




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