Living Room Wall Color Combinations 2017

This season, vibrant greens, bright blues, purple, metallic grille are very fashionable! These colors are frequently encountered in decoration products.

Of course we do not have the luxury of renewing the living room according to the fashion that is every season. For this reason, I always suggest that customers make simple changes instead of things that are expensive or new to be done from scratch. Furniture in the living room, replacing furnishings; Major changes such as renewing the windows around the fireplace and windows are radical and costly changes.

If it comes down to low-cost changes that can be done in the living room, you can, for example, paint the room in a different color, change the curtains, refresh the pillows or other accessories in the room, or buy a few new items in natural colors. If you choose from the colors you already bought, you will continue to use it for a long time.

Now let’s take a look at the designed living rooms, which combine wonderful colors and are inspired by which colors:

Gray is synonymous with simplicity these days for me. I believe that the gray color provides a more vivid and clean image compared to the beige color that we find very common in the living rooms.




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