Kitchen Wall Color Trends 2017

When deciding on colors in kitchen wall colors and examples, the main items you will find on the walls, floors, kitchen cabinets and benches. It is necessary to bring together the right colors and tones in these main points. In rented houses, it is possible to play with the most wall color since it is an unnecessary expense to make the kitchen from the beginning. Let’s try to understand the correct color combinations by examining various kitchen decoration examples below.

Kitchen cabinets in most kitchens are brown. Brown has many different shades ranging from dark, chocolate to maple. For brown cupboards that are heavily used, green is recommended for kitchen cabinets that are oversized.

But bringing brown cupboards with green or orange-blue colors is not as simple as you might think. If the right tones are not selected, an intolerant, dull combination is achieved, unlike a balanced view.

In various samples, one of the most numerous points of the beatings is that neutral colors such as white, beige, gray are used abundantly beside the brown kitchen cabinets and very positive results will be obtained. Balancing the neutral color with the brown open-ended color prevents color complexity, thus leading to a dark or disorganized view. Keep in mind that dark brown and metallic grits are very good.

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