Decorative Wall Niche Designs 2016-2017

Do you have a recessed divider specialty in your home? How could you have been able to you embellish decorative wall niche designs?

This was the problem we had when we obtained our tract home ten years back. The first is over my chimney. I painted this urn with hydrangeas numerous years prior. I have arrangements to re-try it since I adore change and I’m becoming weary of it. It took me around three weeks to paint this in light of the fact that at the time my young ladies were one and a half and four years of age. I had exceptionally restricted painting time in those days.

Here is the other corner we have in the rotunda between our incredible room and our main room.

It’s been improved along these lines for a couple of years. I painted the rotunda dark and left the fringe mass of the specialty and the roof white. I added upholstery tacks to the edge of the corner and around the recessed zone on the roof.

It cost me about $25 for a container of 1000 tacks. I utilize them wherever like my powder room and still have remains from the first box.

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