Cute Baby Room Decorating Ideas

My little Brody is very nearly 18 months old, and there are still a couple parts of his nursery that have not been done. One such spot is the vacant vintage snare that has been hanging subsequent to before Brody was conceived. Each time I’ve strolled past the snare, I’ve been attempting to make sense of what to hold tight it.

With not a single immaculate answer for be seen, I chose to make my own DIY current felt flag to hold tight that desolate little snare. This is the thing that I call a rest time venture it’s fast, basic and careless. In case baby room decoration ideas you’re on the chase for the ideal little venture to begin and finish in one sitting, this is it.


To make the state of the pennant, make an imprint midway (6 inches) over the shorter edge of the felt. Measure 6″ up from the base corners and check. Utilizing a ruler, interface the two checks and slice to make the pentagon shape.


Print and cut out the infant flag printable layout. Utilizing a pencil, follow the layout onto your second bit of felt. To guarantee that your pencil markings won’t appear on the completed pennant, flip the layout over and follow it in reverse so they will wind up on the back of the felt. Removed the felt wording.




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