3d Wall Panels with Designs 2017

3D Wall Panels

At the beginning of decoration innovations are the walls. Wallpapers, various coatings and upholstery, 3D Wall Panels is a new trend. 3D wall panels with interior material and designed with wood, a new breath. The fact that 3-dimensional wooden coverings are produced as panels gives a great deal of convenience in assembly and transport and saves time. Long-lasting, handy and environmentally-friendly 3d wallcoverings add a three-dimensional difference to the space with a decorative look. The features of 3D wall panels do not end with this much. The new trend of interior materials has many more features.

3D Wall Panel Features

  • 3-dimensional-space brings richness and depth
  • Green-wood raw material-Bamboo Fibers-Environmental Bamboo-Does not require tree cutting.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals – Produced from natural materials

  • Heat and sound insulation
  • Resistant to sunlight, humidity and abrasion
  • Long lasting
  • Short-time and practical installation
  • Economic
  • Decorative appearance

3d Wall panels are easy to install and can be installed for a short time. In practice, Pattex brand FIX PL500 adhesive is used and the joints are filled with the same adhesive. Then the dyeing process is started. 3D wall panels have a very useful structure. Cleaning is very easy. 3D wall panels cost a lot, but they are quite long.




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